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Welcome to my website,

    This is my personal collection of official and unofficial crests, badges, pins, etc, of the Canadian Military.  It also includes Canadian military participation out of Canada and from other countries in Canada.

    My goal is to represent the military history past and present and not fading away with time.

    All my pages are best view with a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels

    Here is a count of what I have listed on these pages.  It is updated when new items are added.

    In my collection 35778

    In my Traders 0.

    In my Wanted page 1920.

    If you see any errors on these pages, suggestions, help with matching the crests from a unit with dates, time, location, please don't hesitate to contact me: click here to email me  

    Every effort is made to contact a member whose name appears on a name tag or book.  Most of the time resulting in negative replies or unable to find the previous owner.  If owner is contacted, it will be mentionned.

    Enjoy the site and pass it to your friends.



Jean-Francois Chalifoux


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